Sunday, January 12, 2014

D.I.Y. City

An experimental project of a contextually driven mega-structure for high density residential purpose.

Contextual Build-up

Home City Transformation

DIY housing set-up


vertical community residential+market

a vertical community residential market, which is a transformable space for both commercial and residential., with maximizing the role of advertisement in the mega dense commercial area. Where it is a renovation of the previous Ladies market.

The project is focusing on the use of signage with in the dense commercial area, as well as to maximize the space in terms of density, not just the amount but the function.

Friday, January 10, 2014

PARTAKE - Architectural re-calibration

Based on my researches and analysis, the current 
usability of space in Hong Kong needs to be reconsidered.
With limited spaces, more considerations 
have to be put into account so that each resident 
can have enough of what they need.

I believed that the idea of space optimization 
through 'SHARING' will rectify problems, generating
new building typology that suits the living condition
of Hong Kong citizens.

From the previous phase:

From these three places [phase 3], I then put my focus into the term 'SHARING' and 
how unused space can be transformed and shared in order to generate new building typology
in which 'SHARING' of space is the main concern.

For site selection I chose Wan Chai in this particular area due to facts that it is
- commercial area
- loaded with many events
- contained lots of homogeneous building block

The strategy for the new building typology, is to remove the existing building and rebuild a new one based on the existing footprint. This is also to show that new design won't do any harm to existing building codes and regulations.

All unit types included:
- shop
- restaurant+kitchen
- recreational
- office
- bathroom
- residential

Each unit were design to transform in order for other event to take place.

Sections in different time of the day showing how each event expand into another territories.
- morning
- day time
- night time

We can also see that the building will be activated all day and night. This is to fully take advantages of the given space.

Next is the sequential perspectives showing what the resident will see through out a day in this building.

And some exterior renderings.